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Feature Title

This vocabulary memorization platform is designed to help students memorize the spelling of words by playing a series of games.

This Flashcards Tool is designed to help students memorizing the spelling of words. On the web, instructors can quickly set up a dictionary database by entering the new words with corresponding translation to be learned in a lecture and this database then be instantly plugged into the online Flashcard games for students to play with. Students can also select a set of Flashcards to print on paper.
Monkey game
THE MONKEY GAME v2.1 is the revised version of the first Monkey Game. It utilizes Flash ActionScript, XML, and mySQL technology to deliver the best experience for students to learn vocabularies in the Japanese language in a more interactive manner. This tool is also designed for Japanese professors to generate their own Monkey Game to enhance their students' learning accessibility.


Flashcards dictionary interface (Instructor's Interface)

    The interface allows to:
  • add, remove and edit words.
  • list words under the same alphabet.
  • define each word with the following 3 fields, terminology, definition and category
  • save created words to an xml file

Flashcards interface (Student's Interface)

    The interface allows to:
  • view 15 flashcards per screen
  • view flashcards under different categories
  • remove memorized card from screen
  • generate a PDF page based on the cards under the selected category for printing purpose


  • Based on their course material, instructors can quickly assemble a game series for students to play with;
  • Tedious memorization are replaced by fun game playing while memorizing the words;
  • Instructors can either share their contribution to the dictionary database or built their own.