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Language Pronunciation Tool

The Language Pronunciation and Comprehension Learning Tool (LPCLT) is a revolutionary linguistics toolkit designed to enhance a student's comprehension and pronunciation of a particular language. This new learning tool developed by Arts Instructional Support (Arts IS) allows professors to author vocabulary and sentence structures into an oral component, to aid students in learning to hear and speak a new language.


The authored component is a digitally recorded question-and-answer set. The aim of this advanced tool is to ask students particular context questions such as "What time did James arrive home from the airport" for which students will have to answer orally into a microphone i.e. "James arrived home from the airport at 6:30." The student receives the correct answer through his/her headphones (authored by the instructor), which is juxtaposed against the student's answer.

This tool offers direct learning enhancement by allowing instructors to create their own oral component in any given language. Students, with this tool, are given the unique opportunity to hear, comprehend and speak their chosen language at their own leisure. The tool can also be used in conjunction with language labs, or by adding a direct oral component to a language curriculum. Additionally, if this tool is incorporated onto a WebCT platform, the students will benefit by being able to practice their oral skills at home!


  • Choose any language and create a question-answer database
  • Voice recording and playback for pronunciation and comprehension
  • Excellent for tonal language practice such as Mandarin or Cantonese
  • Excellent for integrating an oral component into a language syllabus


  • Language pronunciation tool: demo